"Let's protect your tank!"



Automate Your Tank. 

Keep Money In Your Bank.

Subscription based salt water aquarium monitoring & maintenance a low monthly rate.

Reef Buddy System

Automate & Protect Your Saltwater Eco System Investment  

Maintaining a pristine saltwater aquarium is no easy task!

The Reef Buddy System is an all-in-one solution for remote monitoring and maintenance to help better protect your saltwater ecosystem investment.  Easily install the Reef Buddy System in your home or office aquarium, download our mobile app to monitor your tank levels from anywhere, and let Reef Buddy do the rest!

2 Week 

Free Trial

Try the Reef Buddy System for 2 Weeks Free!

Experience what it's like to have your very own Reef Buddy, before selecting the best membership plan for you!

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Good Buddy Plan

  • Hardware Component

  • Monitoring Mobile App

  • Track Tank Stability

  • Monitor Salinity

  • Monitor Temperature

  • Monitor Water Levels

  • Automatic Water Top Offs

Coming Soon!
  • All Good Buddy Plan Features

  • Installation Support

  • Reef Buddy Community Access

  • Product & Service Discounts

  • Free System Upgrades

  • & So Much More! 

BEST Buddy Plan

Coming Soon!

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