The Reef Buddy Advantage

Reef Buddy combines in tank monitoring technology solutions with an easy to use mobile app that allows members to monitor their saltwater ecosystem & aquarium, regardless of where they are, anywhere in the world! 

Available on both iOS o& Android, members will find peace of mind knowing exactly what's happening in their tank at anytime.  The Reef Buddy System measures water temperature, salinity levels, & water depths.  Automated maintenance features ensure member's tanks are always being properly cared for & protected, even when they're not around. 


And the best part is, members get all the comfort & confidence of knowing their tank is in good hands, thanks to their Reef Buddy– at a low monthly subscription price!  Other aquarium monitoring & maintenance products currently on the market are expensive & become outdated quickly.  Reef Buddy is always working on new features to help you automate & protect your tank, so members can keep their money in their bank!  

There is so much more to joining the Reef Buddy community than just being able to monitor & automate aquarium variables. Reef Buddy not only gives members complete control over their entire aquarium investment, but also gives access to a community of other reefing enthusiasts, aquarium products, & discounts on local services. 



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