When we set out to build the Reef Buddy System we started with one simple question in mind.

Does quality reef aquarium maintenance automation equipment have to be so expensive?

Today you can see that question reflected in everything from the way we deliver your hardware to the way you choose and pay for the services that are right for YOUR aquarium.

Understanding The Reef Buddy System & Technology

Cloud Based Technology

Reef Buddy uses the latest cloud software infrastructure to automatically scale to the collective needs of our users.

This means Reef Buddy is always responsive and on watch over your aquarium.


Ongoing Software Updates

Have you ever had some automation equipment that didn't quite act like you expected? Maybe the manufacturer pushed an update and then they weren't real responsive to make it right? (Because they already have your money.) At Reef Buddy you can be sure we double and triple check everything before it ships. Because we know happy customers pay their subscriptions. Our technology aligns our interests with yours.


Free Hardware For Life!

You say great but what happens when the snappy hardware that is fast today is a few years old and all of those software updates don't run as good as they used to? Or worse, you're told the hardware "isn't compatible" with the latest update. Not at Reef Buddy! Every customer who meets the minimum subscription service requirements gets a complimentary hardware upgrade every two years!

Benefits & Terms of Membership

Reef Buddy offers 2 unique Membership plans & more details of benefits are coming soon!

Joining The Reef Buddy Community

Becoming a Reef Buddy Member is more than just getting access to an aquarium monitoring and maintenance automation tool.  Once you become a Reef Buddy member you gain access to an entire community!  Start engaging with other like minded reefing enthusiasts, ask questions, share stories, & truly embrace your passion for building a saltwater ecosystem with others!  

Membership Perks & Discounts

Reef Buddy is committed to building relationships & strategic partnerships with all of the resources you need to build a healthy & thriving saltwater ecosystem.  Members enjoy discounts, specials, & perks on coral, fish, equipments, & so much more!

Aquarium Community Services

Reef Buddy's Community Service is something that truly sets apart from our competitors. We've built in technology to connect your aquarium to the right people when you need them, and most importantly where you need them.

Eliminate back and forth trips to your local aquarium shop trying to explain the state of your aquarium so they can prescribe what your fish and coral need.

We're partnering with carefully vetted local aquarium shop owners & Pro Buddies to make it possible to share your tank data directly with them.

Have a question?

Message them from the Reef Buddy mobile app.

Need help at home?

You can schedule an in home maintenance service calls at discounted rates.

Privacy & Safety

More details about privacy & safety are coming soon!

Wholesale & Community Partnership Inquiries

Do you own a pet shop or pet product supply company?  If you're interested in learning more about offering The Reef Buddy System to your customers & community, email for more information.

Payment Methods & Automatic Monthly Membership Payment 

Reef Buddy accepts all major Credit/Debit Cards for monthly membership payments, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & more!  Once you have setup your Reef Buddy Membership account, your monthly membership payment will be automatically processed to your preferred payment method to ensure your membership remains in good standing.